Master FMGEM in mere minutes with our Quickstart Tutorial Series

Step 1. New To FMGEM?
Discover how to build playlists in two minutes!

Getting started with FMGEM only takes a couple of minutes. Just watch the, "Building Playlists Quickstart Tutorial" on the left. Once you've gotten your feet wet we strongly recommend checking out the rest of the Quickstart Tutorial video series.

FMGEM is not just your average streaming video site. It is both a multimedia search engine and a social playlist service featuring many integrated facets that can bring your love of online streaming music and videos to a whole new level.

The tutorials range in time from just one to nine minutes! We've spent thousands of hours crafting FMGEM to exceed your expectations and here's where the rubber meets the road!

We've done our bit. Now the rest is up to you!

Playlist queue controls explained
Getting the most out of the FMGEM menu
How to share your playlists
Discographies - album discovery feature
Related videos and player mode options
Radio mode - turn YouTube into internet radio
Advanced content discovery
Playing favorites. A must!
Social features & community feeds
Following other gemsters
The Gemmies! Is it hot or not?
Nominate, vote and comment to win Gems!

If you have any questions just click the feedback tab to get in touch!

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